Life rules.

5 Feb

My carpool buddy, Nicole, and I have developed some life rules. We always forget them, so I thought I’d post them and update them as needed.

1. Don’t be an asshole. This includes straight-up in your face assholes, passive aggressive assholes, shit-talking scheming assholes, etc.

2. Never come with problems. Always come with solutions. My first real boss told me this, and it is the best advice I ever got.

3. Always hustle. I can’t take some lazy ass whiner complaining about how tough life is…to get what you want you need to hustle.

4. Keep it cool. Every workplace is littered with horrible managers, gossipy coworkers, etc. It is fine to daydream about the destruction of their professional and personal lives, but when in meetings or in public, always keep it cool. Keep it professional.

5. Talk like an actor. My acting teacher in college used to always say this…when acting in a scene he could tell when we were trying too hard or not being authentic. No one likes posers or rhyme biters. Speak in your own voice.



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